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Zen Spa Review

Date: Jul 16, 2018
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Just off Xuan Dieu and past the Sheraton, the well known  Zen Spa relocated a while ago – as I am a stickler for my regular places I frequent, it never occurred to me to try.  This all changed when chatting to a friend at Thom’s coconut shop on Monday.

For guests, Zen Spa has certainly crafted their trade to adapt and fulfill their mission to give you a truly remarkable and traditional experience.

Their traditional healing practices along with a serene and peaceful atmosphere makes it a pleasant change form the incessant chatter of many of the surrounding spas.

With several options on the menu ranging from 40 minutes to four and a half hours I chose the Foot Rejuvenation Treatment for an hour. The therapist worked  deep but gentle using some deep tissue massage methods, reflexology, acupressure combined with traditional healing techniques.  With my sinuses congested by a recent cold and underlying headache – I felt my nasal passages opening and my headache disappearing.

On completion of the massage part, an odd wooden box was brought in with hot dry beans and my feet were placed inside the hotbox, a very different but  surprisingly soothing experience.  Finally my feet were lifted from the beans and placed in a fragrant floral bath.



Consider taking a friend and spending a morning there with absolutely no regret, to me, it was a delightful experience and certainly one I would like to return to.

At the moment they are offering a 30 % off on all treatments.


Zen Spa

164 Tu Hoa, Quang An, Tay Ho

reservations – 043 719 9889

Open from 9 am to 9 pm